A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say..…

on with the show.

The Heads – Legavaan Satellite (Peel Session)  [Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere LP]
Excess – Galaga (Ft Bek Moore)  [Escape From Brisbane CS]
The Dance Asthmatics – Liquid Lunch  [single]
Htrk – Sugar  [Body Lotion EP]
Jack Ladder & The Dreamlanders – Reputation Amputation  [Playmates LP]
Harps – Always Sitting  [Always Sitting CS]
La Casa Al Mare – Sunflowers  [Sunflowers / Tonight Or Never single]
Tennis System – Technicolour Blind  [Technicolour Blind LP]
Vaniish  – Merge  [Memory Work LP]
Mentalease – Miscommunication  [Indian Summer LP]
Cloakroom – Dream Warden  [Lossed Over LP]
Lower Heaven – Nectar  [Pulse LP]
Hannah Lou Clark – My Game  [Silent Type EP]
Firestations – French Caves  [Never Closer LP]
Numbers Are Futile – Vice Over Reason  [Song, By Toad’s Majic Beanz sampler]
Plastic Animals  – Burial Party  [Song, By Toad’s Majic Beanz sampler]
Passion Pusher – Blt  [Song, By Toad’s Majic Beanz sampler]
Garden Of Elks – This Morning We Are Astronauts  [Song, By Toad’s Majic Beanz sampler]
Le Thug – Basketball Land  [Song, By Toad’s Majic Beanz sampler]
Gross Net – Wrong Place Wrong Time  [Gross Net CS]
The Grates – Call Me  [Dream Team LP]
Sudden Infant – Fat Nipple Upright [Tour single with Sleaford Mods]
The Scrap Dealers – Evil Ride  [The Scrap Dealers LP]
Mark Wynn – I Just Don’t Understand Nick Cave  [‘cheers Babe’ … And All I Did Was Hand Her The Spoons single]

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