A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with this weeks show

Ride Into The Sun – Give Or Take  [Sky Flowers LP]
Martyr Privates – You Can’t Stop Progress  [Martyr Privates LP]
Ausmuteants – Boilingpoint  [Order Of Operation LP]
Yes I’m Leaving – One  [Slow Release LP]
Low Bow – The Break Up Song  [When We Were LP]
Mirror Parties – Mental Winter  [Fathers Of The Interesting Gemini CS]
Ty Segall – Tall Man, Skinny Lady  [Manipulator LP]
We Need Secrets – Melancholy  [Melancholy And The Archive LP]
The Growlers – Chinese Fountain  [Chinese Fountain LP]
Kraus – Flute  [Interior Castle CS]
Raus – House  [Raus LP]
Perfume Genius – Grid  [Too Bright LP]
The Pen Test – Ceo  [Interstate LP]
Daughters Of The Sun – Desert Grave  [Ride To Die LP]
Broken Arm – Double Talk  [Life Is Short LP]
Hammerhead – Another Room  [Global Depression EP]
Camera – Roehre  [Remember I Was Carbon Dioxide LP]
Battery Operated Orchestra – Wish List  [Incomplete Until Broken LP]
Gui Gui Sui Sui – The Diddly Board Stomp  [The Court Of King Necro 7″]
Jaws – Be Slowly  [Be Slowly LP]
Jouk Mistrow – Shadows Make Us Freeze  [Did We? EP]
Apache Dropout – Detective  [Heavy Window LP]
Pc Worship – Rust  [Social Rust LP]
Shellac – Surveyor  [Dude Incredible LP]
Old Mate – Something  [It Is What It Is LP]
Hong Kong – Through A Door  [High Noon LP]

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