A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

…on with the show.

Parquet Courts – This Is Happening Now  [Lamc #13 7″]
Seasurfer – Dive In (Nacht Nukleus)  [Dive In LP]
Medicine – The People  [Home Everywhere LP]
Dirt Dress – Skin Diving  [Revelations EP]
Wet Socks – My Lights Are Out  [Drips     LP]
Being There – Generator  [Overnight EP]
Beezewax – Hazzard  [Tomorrow LP]
Future Punx – Plus Side  [I’m So Inspired Ep]
The Garden – Surprise!  [Surprise! 7″]
J Mascis – Fade Into You  [Fade Into You 7″]
FF – Dusted  [Lord LP]
Meatbodies – Disorder  [Meatbodies LP]
Bad Breeding – Chains  [7″]
Hideous Sun Demon – Flex  [Sweat LP]
Kevin Morby – Motors Running  [Still Life LP]
Magic Castles – Sky Sounds  [Sky Sounds LP]
Hollow Mountain – Castle  [EP]
Hulaboy – Kids Under Stars  [He’s Making Violent Love To Me, Mother EP]
Exhaustion – Haus Flipper  [Biker     LP]
Fantails – Brick Wall  [Fantails EP]
Ritual Howls – The Taste Of You  [Turkish Leather LP]
Bat Nouveau – Slowburn  [Metamorphoses LP]
Void Vision – Everything Is Fine  [Sub Rosa LP]
Raspberry Bulbs – Finger Bones  [Privacy LP]
My Drunken Haze – Carol Wait  [My Drunken Haze LP]
Mourn – Silver Gold  [Mourn LP]
The Popguns – Lovejunky  [Pop Fiction LP]

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