Live session from JEFF the Brotherhood recorded at the Bowery Ballroom, New York, NY USA. Courtesy of nyctaper

…and on with the show..

Death In Plains-Over And Above (Passions Tribal Angels Provide Music Remix) [Remixes]
Sunderbans-Road Kill [myspace download]
Beach Fossils-Desert Sand [Daydream single]
Moonspeed-Silent Sky [Flowers Of The Moon LP]
Phantogram-Running From The Cops [Eyelid Movies LP]
Romance-The Art Of Losing [Another Place 7″]
Citay-Dream Get Together [Dream Get Together LP]
Digital Leather-Bugs On Glue [Warm Brother LP]
Hole Class-True Temper [Hole Class LP]
Frightened Rabbit-Nothing Like You [Nothing Like You 7″]
The Number Eight-Moving Mountains [Heavy Ep]
Katsen-A Soulless Party [Basic Pleasure Unit EP]
The Soft Pack-Answer to Yourself-Live On Matts Roof [youtube]
Sambassadeur-High and low [European LP]
Xeno And Oaklander-Sentinelle [Sentinelle LP]
Ringo Deathstarr-Rats Live On Evil Star [Sparkler LP]
Eat Skull-don’t leave me on the speaker [Jerusalem Mall 7″]
These New Puritans-Three Thousand [Hidden LP]