A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Bloodhounds On My Trail – Old Fools [Escape II LP]
Fire Behaving As Air – Ripples [Vapour Trail LP]
Pedestrian – Dirty Brains [Healthy Ways To Die LP]
Giirls – Dance [Far Life LP]
We’re Not Gonna Take It – Sweet Power, Your Embrace [We’re Not Gonna Take It 7″]
Beach Slang – Porno Love [The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us LP]
Power – Gimmie Head [Electric Glitter Boogie LP]
Tuff Love – Crocodile [Dregs E.P]
Freak Heat Waves – A Civil Servant Awakening [Bonnie’s State Of Mind LP]
Chicos De Nazca – Sweet Pill [Fire Ride LP]
Dead Ghosts – Waste My Time [Love And Death And All The Rest LP]
Sauna Youth – The Bridge [Distractions LP]
Citrus Clouds – In Time I Am [In Time I Am LP]
Lush – The Childcatcher (BBC Radio Sessions) [Gala (Chorus Box]
Bamboo – On Bohol [Prince Pansori Priestess LP]
Harps – For All Shys [Shaking Spoon LP]
EMA – Amnesia Haze [#HORROR Original Score LP]
Frozy – March Again [Lesser Pop LP]
Juniore – Animal [Marabout EP]
Helen Love – The Townhall Band [Helen Love & The Townhall Band single]
Masses – Disperse [Split 7″]
Deathchurch – Betrayal [Split 7″]
Black Abba – Civilized [Betting On Death / Civilized 7″]
Shallow Sanction – Vacant Rituals [Without Light 7″]
The Cavemen – Fucked In The Head [The Cavemen LP]
Cellulite – I’m Cancer [Dust Wave EP]
Gloss Rejection – Put Down [Light Reflex CS]
Mope City – Letterbomb [Life In A Petri Dish LP]

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