A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Cymbals – Decay [Light In Your Mind LP]
Flowers Must Die – Hey, Shut Up! [Kompost LP]
Hawkwind – Space Ship Blues [Into The Woods LP]
Courtney Barnett – How To Boil An Egg [How To Boil An Egg / Jesus Part 2 LP]
Gothic Tropic – Teenage Behavior [Fast Or Feast LP]
Buzz Kull – We Were Lovers [Chroma LP]
Mardou – The Enemy [Mardou LP]
David Nance – Give It Some Time [Negative Boogie LP]
Rhys Bloodjoy – Reflections Of A Girl [Love Is A Fucked Up Goddess LP]
Carb On Carb – Ma [Practising For Retirement/Ma 7″]
Century Palm – New Creation [Meet You LP]
Mountain Movers – Vision Television [Mountain Movers LP]
Hikes – Onset [Lilt LP]
Buildings – Mouth Gift [You Are Not One Of Us LP]
Chrome – Time Slider [Techromancy LP]
Pega Monstro – Partir A Loica [Casa de Cima LP]
Adult Mom – Full Screen [Soft Spots LP]
Anna Altman – American Gothic [Freightliner CS]
Cotillon – SFO [The Afternoons LP]
Sextile – One Of These [Albeit Living LP]
Bamboo – Wake Up Your Heart [The Dragon Flies Away LP]
Cobra Family Picnic – Draags [Magnetic Anomaly LP]
Daddy Issues – Lemon [Deep Dream LP]
Dalton – Animal [Animal EP]
Factory Acts – Leave The World To Us [Second Amendment EP]

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