A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Codeine – Wird [Dessau LP]
Peachy Carnehan – Jurrasic Rehab [Peachy Carnehan LP]
Why Bother? – Cut to Pieces [Lacerated Nights LP]
Paper Pools – Turn on Your Lights [It’s In Our Mind EP]
Elevator Through – No Good Trying [Vague Premonition “Extra” LP]
Big Scout – Uh Oh [Council Sport LP]
Beach Bunny – Fire Escape [Emotional Creature LP]
Syzygy – Justice or Mercy [Anchor and Adjust LP]
Friendship – Ugly Little Victory [Love The Stranger LP]
Astragal – Linville [Pure Cashmere LP]
Zac Denton – Ciggie Whinge [Love Lust Lost LP]
The Frowning Clouds – All Night Long [Gospel Sounds & More From The Church Of Scientology LP]
Flogging A Dead One Horse Town – Steve [Some Bastards LP]
SLIDE – Mirrors [Pull LP]
Chat Pile – The Mask [God’s Country LP]
Workhorse – Rode A River [No Photographs LP]
Sunfruits – Made to Love [Made to Love LP]
Spirits of Leo – Frailties [Gossamer Blue LP]
Kamikaze Palm Tree – Come In Alone [Mint Chip LP]
Pale Blue Eyes – Little Gem [Souvenirs LP]
MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS – Just [Awakening:Sleeping LP]
Grazer – I Want Control [Melancholics Anonymous LP]
ENOLA – Strange Comfort [singlr]
Useless Users – Useless Users [We Are All LP]
mr.phylzzz – Mr. Entertainer [Cancel Culture Club LP]
Formal Sppeedwear – THE LINE [Push EP]
LIFE – Poison [North East Coastal Town LP]
Recitals – Gradient [Orbit I LP]
PVA – Bad Dad [Blush LP]
100% – New All [Clear Visions LP]
Pencey Sloe – Mirror Rorrim [Neglect LP]
DECIUS – Look Like A Man [Decius Vol. I LP]
The Prize – Fighting My Way Back Wrong [Side Of LP]
Let’s Whisper – I Don’t Know What I Would Do Without You [The In-Between Times LP]
Nervous Twitch – History of the Wild West [Some People Never Change LP]

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