A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Wombo – RVW [Fairy Rust LP]
THUS LOVE – In Tandem ]Memorial LP]
Half Hexagon – Ism [single]
Drahla – Under The Glass [single]
Elephant Stone – La Fusee Du Chagrin [Le Voyage De M. Lonely Dans La Lune LP]
Whitney K – Two Strangers [Hard To Be A God LP]
The Verlaines – Pyromaniac [Live At The Windsor Castle, 1986 LP]
the 1981 – Can’t Say No [Variants LP]
Horsegirl – Live And Ski [Versions Of Modern Performance LP]
Rubber Oh – Arcade [Strange Craft LP]
A Fungus – Health [It Already Does That LP]
Apollo Ghosts – Gentlemen Go To Heaven [Pink Tiger LP]
No Knuckle – Halo [No Knuckle LP]
The Inflorescence – The Button [Remember What I Look Like LP]
Holy Scum – Room of Cruelty [Strange Desires LP]
Fräulein – Belly [LOUD WOMEN Volume Four CD]
Cool Sounds – Hello, Alright, You Got That? Like That
Malka Spigel – Dreamwalking [Gliding & Hiding LP]
Girls In Synthesis – Enveloped [Konsumrausch LP]
Kamikaze Nurse – Work + Days [Stimuloso LP]
Spielbergs – Brother of Mine [Vestli LP]
Piney Gir – The Seventh Dial [Alchemy Hand LP]
De Lux – Some Things Never Break [Do You Need A Release LP]
Fresh – I Know I’m Just A Phase To You [Raise Hell LP]
Mice Parade – Finding Faces [lapapọ LP]
Colored Moth – Hourglass [Inertia LP]
Social Union – Abscond [Fall Into Me EP]
Party Dozen – The Worker [The Real Work LP]
Interpol – Passenger [The Other Side Of Make-Believe LP]
Wilder Maker – Scam Likely [Male Model LP]
Egg Drop Soup – Jimmy Eat Shit [single]
Atmos Bloom – Almost Natural [Flora LP]
TRAAMS – Sheilds [Personal Best LP]
208L Containers – Pixie’s Cut [A Night At The Mirage LP]

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