Human Pleasure radio 18th November 2019….that’s a total value of $849.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

HTRK – Look Down The Line [Nostalgia LP]
Peel Dream Magazine – Up and Up [Up and Up EP]
Fitted – Pit Bulls For The Navy [First Fits LP]
Riki – Napoleon [Riki LP]
Scott & Charlene’s Wedding – Back in the Corner [When in Rome, Carpe Diem EP]
Fran – Company [A Private Picture LP]
NovaBound – Angel & The Starman [Sevenths LP]
Superdrone – Strange As Angels [The Creation EP]
Sprinters – It’s Gone [Struck Gold LP]
Romantic States – Jason Hatred [Ballerina LP]
Novanta – To realize [Some are stars LP]
Blood Ponies – Four Walls [Hoax LP]
Show Me The Body – USA Lullaby [Dog Whistle LP]
Luminous Bodies – Choices [Nah Nah Nah Yeh Yeh Yeh LP]
Pynch – Disco Lights [Single]
Garden Centre – Wheelie [A Moon For Digging LP]
HXXS – Hard To Tell [Year Of The Witch LP]
Gork – Dance With Me [Class LP]
Live Skull – Nova Police [Saturday Night Massacre LP]
House Deposit – Cruise Control [Reward For Effort LP]
Omni – Present Tense [Networker LP]
Static Daydream – Seconds [Cracked Inside LP]
Mover Shaker – Midwest Amnesiac Blues [Another Truck Stop LP]
Salad Boys – This Issue [single]

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