Human Pleasure radio 1st February 2021….important we have this time together.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Spectres – Sociopath Discotheque [It’s Never Going To Happen And This Is Why LP]
Seasurfer – Chemical Reaction [Zombies LP]
Dorcha – Monkey Dust [Honey Badger LP]
Strawberry Pills – Dreams [Murder To A Beat LP]
Casual Nun – Sleet Knife [Resort For Dead Desires LP]
Low Hummer – Take Arms [single]
Vestron Vulture – Judas Effect [Lionheart LP]
Robbie & Mona – Queen Celine [EW LP]
Sister Psychosis – Beside Myself [Into Your Memory 7″]
Dusker – Temple Bar [EP2 EP]
Face Command – Feel Bad, Look Great [Chingadera LP]
Wolf & Cub – Losing Touch [NIL LP]
Pillow Queens – Liffey [In Waiting LP]
Magic Wands – Illuminate [Illuminate LP]
Chris Brokaw – Depending [Puritan LP]
Wonk Unit – Raise My Glass [single]
BLAB – Casual Sex [Single]
The Silverbeets – Girlfriend [Halcyon Days LP]
She/Beast – The Sadness Will Last Forever [In The Depths of Misery LP]
Permits – Negative Heart [Time Permits LP]
Viagra Boys – Toad [Welfare Jazz LP]
Bitch Falcon – How Did I Know? [Staring At Clocks LP]
Kid Dakota – A Fox in a Cage [Age of Roaches LP]
Bored At My Grandmas House – Showers [Sometimes I Forget You’re Human Too EP]
Tapeworms – Palm Reading [Funtastic LP]
Band Aparte – Forms [Everyone, Everywhere LP]
Plaisir – Soft Feel Meds [Sap EP]
Bloody Knives – Extinction [70 Years Of Static LP]
Vicious Blossom – Luminous [You Breathe Inside of Me LP]

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