Human Pleasure radio 31st July 2023…..jeez it’s cold.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Dick Move – Small Man, Big Tweet [Wet LP]
Landowner – Swimmer of Note [Escape the Compound LP]
After The Flesh – Changeling [After The Flesh EP]
The Goods – Hear Me [The Goods EP]
Current Affairs – Casual Radicals [Off the Tongue LP]
ÅRABROT – You Cast Long Shadows [Of Darkness and Light LP]
madmadmad – Krautjerk [Behavioural Sink Delirium LP]
Bedroom Eyes – Around [Turned Away LP]
Night Hikes – Phantom [Keeper of Reality LP]
Miss Tiny – The Sound [den7 EP]
Lathe of Heaven – Ekpyrosis [Bound By Naked Skies LP]
Tigerblind – Red Wine Summer Parade [Self-Inflicted Love Letters LP]
Emma Anderson – Bend The Round [Pearlies LP]
Cloudland Canyon – Recursive Excursions [Cloudland Canyon LP]
COOL HEAT – Harmless [Permanence EP]
Upper Wilds – Short Centuries [Jupiter LP]
Dazy – Submarine [OTHERBODY LP]
The Sprouts – Hammer [Eat Your Greens LP]
Connections – Let Me Eat Cake [Cool Change LP]
Weird Numbers – Pastis’d Out [Weird Numbers LP]
Bondo – Egoizing [Print Selections LP]
Housewitches – Peter Peter Money Eater [Toilets for Everyone EP]
Poolblood – shabby [Mole LP]
Truth Cult – Resurrection [Walk the Wheel LP]
Uniforms – Guadiana [Trance LP]
Errorr – Deep Blue Self [Destruct LP]
Hello Mary – Droopy Eyes [Hello Mary LP]
Hayes Noble – Forget It [Head Cleaner LP]
The Cavs – Running [single]
Field Medic – iwantthis2last! [light is gone 2 LP]
Hotline TNT – Protocol [single]
Hubcaps – Beside(s) me [Singing & Songing LP]
Naked Lungs – River (Down) [Doomscroll LP]
screensaver – The Guilt [Decent Shapes LP]
Black Market Karma & Sonic Boom – The Sour Truth (feat Sonic Boom) [The Sour Truth with Sonic Boom 10″]
Thee Golden Geese – Georgie Pie [Bird of the Year 2023 LP]

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