Human Pleasure radio 27th September 2021….a raft of services for you to share.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Alexalone – Where In The World [ALEXALONEWORLD LP]
SPICE – A Better Treatment [A Better Treatment single]
Low – I Can Wait [HEY WHAT LP]
Flowertown – Time Trials [Time Trials LP]
Star Rover – Ghosts of New York State [The Springs LP]
The Speed Of Sound – Shadow Factory [Museum Of Tomorrow LP]
Stuck – City Of Police [Content That Makes You Feel Good LP]
Bertie Marshall – Shaking Johnny [Exhibit LP]
Shambolics – Sharp as a Razor [Sharp as a Razor LP]
Monnone Alone – Something Creeping [Stay Foggy LP]
Joyer – Lucky [Perfect Gray LP]
Chubby & The Gang – Overachiever [The Mutt’s Nuts LP]
Ultra Q – Bowman [Get Yourself A Friend LP]
HTRK – Straight to Hell [Rhinestones LP]
Blonde Revolver – Dagon [Blonde Revolver LP]
Cat SFX – Upside Down [Upside Down LP]
wych elm – executioner [Rabbit Wench EP]
Toner – K2 [White Buffalo Roam LP]
M(h)aol – Gender Studies [Gender Studies EP]
BUMMER – I Want to Punch Bruce Springsteen in the Dick [Dead Horse LP]
Salem Trials – The Film Behind My Eyes [Something Beginning With..LP]
Fortitude Valley – All Hail The Great Destroyer [Fortitude Valley LP]
MY DISCO – StVO [Alter Schwede LP]
Geo – Hydrate [Geo LP]
Power Supply – Infinity [In the Time of the Sabre-toothed Tiger LP]
Hits – Drawstring Ties [Cielo Nublado LP]
Gloo – Down [How Not To Be Happy LP]
Folly Group – Fewer Closer Friends [Awake And Hungry LP]
Lowertown – Debris [The Gaping Mouth LP]
Flogging A Dead One Horse Town – Notorious Puzzles [Axonal Firing Squid EP]

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