Human Pleasure radio 29th June 2020….data sent every Monday.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Cool Greenhouse – Trojan Horse [The Cool Greenhouse LP]
The Lemon Twigs – Hi+Lo [The Lemon Twigs LIVE LP]
The Cakekitchen – Too Little To Late [Trouble Again in this Town LP]
Rebel Yell – Saving Grace [Fall From Grace LP]
Soda Boyz – Bad Friend [Farewell Spit LP]
Muzz – Red Western Sky [Muzz LP]
Adam Zejma – Close Together [Cut & Come Again LP]
LICE – Arbiter [Arbiter single]
Thee MVPs – You Ain’t It [Science Fiction LP]
Gum Country – It Lives It Breeds It Feeds [Somewhere LP]
Bananagun – Bang Go the Bongos [The True Story of Bananagun LP]
Oh Well Goodbye – Insignificance [Single]
The Revolutionary Army Of The Infant Jesus – Vespers [Songs Of Yearning LP]
DRIFT. – Human [Symbiosis LP]
Jehnny Beth Feat. Joe Talbot – How Could You [To Love Is To Live LP]
Girls In Synthesis – Images Dub [The Images Agree / Images Dub single]
Sonic Boom – The Way That You Live [All Things Being Equal LP]
In Isolation – Russian Doll [Shards LP]
Honey Joy – Part Two – The Healer [2 LP]
P22 – Human Snake, 1978 [Human Snake LP]
Kooba Tercu – Fair Game [Proto Tekno LP]
Special Interest – All Tomorrow’s Cary [The Passion Of LP]
Household Gods – Hostile Architecture [Palace Intrigue LP]
Plastic Estate – This Place [Single LP]
Spectral ft Shaun Ryder – Zip Zap Zoom [Single]

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