Human Pleasure radio 2nd/9th January 2023….another journey around the sun begins.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Gone To Color feat. Jessie Stein – The 606 The Field Remix) [The RMXS LP]
JOLLE – Digital Bullshit Word [Wirtschaft Arbeit Technik LP]
The Tubs – Dead Meat [Dead Meat LP]
Rob Munk – Slumber [Phased Out LP]
Closure – Pawn [Innocence LP]
The Serfs – This Chorea [Primal Matter LP]
Booter – Island Vibes [10/10 LP]
Old Moon – Harbor [Under All Skies LP]
Julian Cope – I’m Bloody Sure You’re On Dope [England Expectorates LP]
Paper Pools – Flying Friends [It’s in Our Mind LP]
Djo – Go For It [DECIDE LP]
Disco Doom – Rogue Wave [Mt. Surreal LP]
Dives – Burger [Wanna Take You There LP]
Swimming Pools & Movie Stars – Zac & Zoe [Modern Architecture LP]
Guidon Bear – Lessons [Unravel LP]
Humour – Dogs [Pure Misery EP]
MOSES – Happy Birthday Payday [I Still Believe! Do You? LP]
Powder Pink & Sweet – Grey Day [Little Stories LP]
Scrounge – Grid [Sugar, Daddy LP]
slo moon – Until the End [Off World LP]
thanks for coming – My Name [You Haven’t Missed Much LP]
Index For Working Musik – Wagner [Dragging The Needlework For The Kids At Uphole LP]
Sleemo – For the Honest [single]
Whitney’s Playland – Rain Song [Sunset Sea Breeze LP]
Peel – Under The Sun [single]
Lack Of Knowledge – We’re Looking For People [Grey LP]
Pure Adult – Hot Crusade [Pure Adult II LP]
I, Doris – Does Your Girlfriend Know You’re Here? [single]
Kidbug – Just Like Xmas [Listen, The Snow Is Falling 7″]
Pile – Poisons [All Fiction LP]
Sunnsetter – Float in Circles [single]
Hack-Poets Guild – Daring Highwayman [Blackletter Garland LP]

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