Human Pleasure radio 30th January 2023….jeez it’s hot!

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Sweet Williams – Glass State [Sweet Williams LP]
Bondo – New Brain [Print Selections EP]
Kosaya Gora – Motorcyclists Die [Kosogor LP]
Lachlan Denton – Lose [Furnishings LP]
Helvetia – It’s in Me [You Shot Past the Moon Scapegoat LP]
Hibou – Night Fell [Arc LP]
The Dream Machine – Children, My England [Thank God! It’s The Dream Machine… LP]
Secret Postcards – Never Dreaming [single]
Grandmas House – Desire [single]
HAVEMEYER – Swim [Slacker LP]
Bass Drum Of Death – Everybody’s Gonna Be There [Say I Won’t LP]
On Being an Angel – You Say [On Being a Tape Vol. II EP]
Deary – Fairground [single]
Terry – Gold Duck [Call Me Terry LP]
Hot Tubs Time Machine – Property Game [Double Tubble LP]
Senica – Wide Awake [Passing Tide LP]
These New South Whales – Signal Is Strong [TNSW LP]
Upupayāma – Ballad Of The Mugho [The Golden Pond LP]
Bleach Burn – Filled to the Brim [Silver Linings LP]
Eades – I’m Holding Back Your Hair [Delusion Spree LP]
Ada Oda – IL Caos [Un Amore Debole LP]
Van Coeur – Fix [Failing Sequence LP]
The Fortels – She [Ghost Riders LP]
Tout Debord – Le Miroir [Ça Ne Veut Rien Dire LP]
Girl And Her Bad Mood – Fallingout [Bluest Year LP]
Tramhaus – Amour Amour [Rotterdam LP]
Civic – End of the Line [Taken By Force LP]
deathcrash – Empty Heavy [Less LP]
Hollow Hand – Heaven Just Watched [Your Own Adventure LP]
M y n k – Boundaries [single]
Hotel Lux – National Team [Hands Across the Creek LP]
Softcult – Dress [single]
Wine Moms – Mr. Speaker [Flowerbrains LP]
Ghost Woman – Weeks Straight [Anne If LP]
The Smashing Times – Unbendable, Broken Bough [Bloom LP]
Spice World – Useless Feeling [There’s No I In Spice World LP]

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