Human Pleasure radio 3rd July 2023……it’s a stretch to complain about it.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Current Affairs – Reactor [Off the Tongue LP]
The 3 Clubmen – Aviatrix [The 3 Clubmen LP]
Eyesore & The Jinx – No More Nails [Jitterbug LP]
Klubber Lang – 100 Years [single]
The Rellies – Monkey [Monkey EP]
TREMOURS – Dark Glasses [single]
THALA – Curtain Call [In Theory Depression LP]
Swansea Sound – Keep Your Head On [Twentieth Century LP]
Water Machine – Water Machine Ptii [Raw Liquid Power EP]
After The Flesh – Daisychain [After The Flesh LP]
Special Friend – Maze [Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In LP]
Holm – Alien Health [single]
Snapped Ankles – Planet You [Blurtations LP]
KEELEY – Seeing Everything [Floating Above Everything Else LP]
Bar Italia – harpee [Tracey Denim LP]
Mirror Revelations – Amoenus [Aura LP]
The Soft Walls – It’s Not Complicated [True Love LP]
Chain Of Flowers – Amphetamine Luck [Never Ending Space LP]
Radiator Hospital – Sweet Punisher [Can’t Make Any Promises LP]
The Photocopies – Holiday Romance [Million Sellers LP]
Bee Bee Sea – Time & Time [single]
Comfort – Born Bad [What’s Bad Enough? LP]
Melenas – Dos pasajeros [Ahora LP]
La Jungle – La Compagnie De La Chanson [Blurry Landscapes LP]
Bad History Month – Breakdown Lane [True Delusion LP]
Hataalii – Midnight Soldier [Singing into Darkness LP]
TV’s Daniel – Another Place, Another Time [Never Change LP]
Ariana Delawari – Cloak Of Lies (Feat. Farmer Dave Scher) [I Will Remember LP]
Nuha Ruby Ra – Self Portraiture [Machine Like Me LP]
Pardoner – Get Inside! [Peace Loving LP]
Present Electric – Snurr-skivan [Present Electric LP]
Thank – Torture Cube [single]
Start Together – Separate Beds [Separate Beds LP]

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