Human Pleasure radio 4th July 2022….we played the big ones, until it’s all gone.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Don’t Let Me Get In Your Way [Fire Doesn’t Grow On Trees LP]
e4444e – The Whistler [I Spend All Day Drawing A Circle LP]
Grave Goods – Come [Tuesday. Nothing Exists. LP]
Sea Lungs – Truffle Pig [single]
Plastic Candles – After Yeats [Dust LP]
Annie Hamilton – Night Off [The Future Is Here But It Feels Kinda Like The Past LP]
Launder – Intake [Happening LP]
Sooner – Meaning [Days and Nights LP]
Mercvrial – I Never Liked You Anyway [Brief Algorithms LP]
23 And Beyond The Infinite – Chemical Love Bomb [Lumen Del Mundo LP]
Fat Earthers – Like Like Like [Bored LP]
Ghostkeeper – The Trees [Multidimensional Culture LP]
Just Mustard – Seed [Heart Under LP]
Vintage Crop – Casting Calls [Kibitzer LP]
The RVP – My Sunshine [What Remains LP]
Hazy Sour Cherry – Strange World [single]
Crystal Eyes – Don’t Turn Around [The Sweetness Restored LP]
the 1981 – #1 Song In Heaven [Variants EP]
Pye Corner Audio – Warmth Of The Sun [Warmth Of The Sun LP]
Pararrayos – Corazonada [Electricidad LP]
Parallel – Field of Love [Parallel EP]
Mount Maxwell – Un Oiseau [The People’s Forest LP]
Apollo Ghosts – Gentlemen Go To Heaven [Pink Tiger LP]
Telenova – Haunted [Stained Glass Love LP]
Graveyard Club – Halloween [Moonflower LP]
Seagoth – Queen [single]
Sweater Curse – Caught Up [single]
Rusty Santos – Dream In Stereo [High Reality LP]
Robocobra Quartet – Plant (The Succulent Blues) [Living Isn’t Easy LP]
My Raining Stars – The Way Things Turn [89 Memories LP]
Workhorse – No Photographs [single]
Ernest Moon – The Cotswolds [Skipping to Maloo LP]

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