Human Pleasure radio 4th March 2019….you are all just being silly.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Adult. – Subsurface [Tour Single]
LIILY – Sepulveda Basin [Can Fool Anybody In This Town EP]
Prolapse – Zen Nun Deb (Session) [The Flex E​.​P]
The Beasts – On My Back [Still Here LP]
Tacocat – Grains of Salt [This Mess Is a Place LP]
Vintage Crop – Guarantees [Company Man EP]
IST IST – Exist [Everything Is Different Now LP]
Soot – Magneto [Pockmarked With… Soot! CS]
Anemone – On Your Own [Beat My Distance LP]
Sleeper and Snake – Junction And High 1 [Junction and High LP]
Dan Francia – No Matter What [Come Back to Life CS]
Potty Mouth – Starry Eyes [SNAFU LP]
Pregnant Women – Staggered Bath [Soft Features LP]
Gaygirl – Sick Note [single]
Teenage FBI – Time Bomb [A New We LP]
Jane Church – Bleed [Calimocho Molotov! LP]
Chain Wallet – What Everybody Else Could Find [No Ritual LP]
Xiu Xiu – It Comes Out as a Joke [Girl with Basket of Fruit LP]
Tyler Burkhart – Waiting For You [single]
Perfect Son – Lust [Cast LP]
H. Grimace – She’s In A State [single]
Vital Idles – Break A [EP]
Sounds Like Winter – No Interest [No Interest LP]
Hante. – No Tenderness [Fierce LP]
Cold Cave – Promised Land [single]
Mope City – The Sick Bay [News From Home LP]

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