Human Pleasure radio 4th November 2019….who were Elley and Mark?

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Rodan – IRS (Gauge) [the Hat Factory 93 LP]
Water From Your Eyes – Bad In The Sun [Somebody Else’s Song LP]
The Springfields – Wonder [Singles 1986​-​1991 LP]
Black Lips – Odelia [single]
Dumb Things – Today Tonight [Time Again LP]
Blackwater Holylight – Spiders [Veils Of Winter LP]
From Indian Lakes – Dissonance [Dimly Lit LP]
Dead Famous People – Looking At Girls [single]
The Hecks – Heat Wave [My Star LP]
MONK – Orchid [Why Do I Love You? [CS]
Secret Shame – Calm [Dark Synthetics LP]
Pod Blotz – Life Like an Electric Surge [Transdimensional System LP]
Good Morning – War on Me [Basketball LP]
Shepherds – Your Imagined Past [Insignificant Whip LP]
Museum Mouth – End of Days Reprise [single]
Bodega – Knife On The Platter [Shiny New Model LP]
Rocketship – I Just Can’t Get Enough Of You [Thanks To You LP]
Kyogen – What Do You Think I Am? [Why Do I Love You? CS]
Laura Palmer – SWYM [Bricks Of Ivanhoe EP]
The Suncharms – Monster Club [Single]
The Prefects – Things In General [Going Through The Motions LP]
Cold In Berlin – Avalanche [Rituals Of Surrender LP]
WOOLWORM – Hold the Bow [AWE LP]
Ubik – John Wayne (Is A Cowboy (And Is On Twitter)) [Next Phase LP]
Current Affairs – Crimes [Object & Subject LP]
Anamanaguchi – B S X [USA LP]
Iguana Death Cult – Nude Casino [Nude Casino LP]

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