Human Pleasure radio 5th August 2019….it’s the kinda way we respond.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Blanck Mass – Love Is a Parasite [Animated Violence Mild LP]
floral print – i go down on the breeze [floral print LP]
Julie’s Haircut – Until The Lights Go Out [In The Silence Electric LP]
Closed Mouth – You Own Me [[One] LP]
Bethlehem Steel – Bad Girl [Bethlehem Steel LP]
Mermaidens – Millennia [Look Me in the Eye LP]
Alison Sudol – I C U [Moonlite EP]
Parsnip – Rip It Off [When The Tree Bears Fruit LP]
IDLES – I Dream Guillotine [Mercedes Marxist 7″]
Goon – Black Finch [Heaven Is Humming LP]
Baked Beans – Avalon Speedway [single]
Elvis Depressedly – Jane, don’t you know me? [Depressedelica LP]
Press Club – Thinking About You [Wasted Energy LP]
Glasszone – Loving Destruct [Garden Of Glass LP]
Rocket Science – I Hate Hate [Snake LP]
Garden Centre – Wide Sea [A Moon For Digging LP]
The Paranoyds – Carnage Bargain [Carnage Bargain LP]
Dry Cleaning – Magic of Meghan [Sweet Princess EP]
Maochie Femchain – If Only [single]
Crocodiles – I Was A Fly [Love Is Here LP]
Minuit Machine – Empty Shell [Infrarouge LP]
The Living Eyes – Peak Hour Traffic [Peak Hour Traffic 7″]
Decibelles – Manger Son Ex [Rock Français LP]
Hammered Hulls – Written Words [single]
Disco Junk – Outta Melbourne [Underage Punk EP]
Terry – Lay Eggs [Who’s Terry? EP]
Sweet Williams – Fred Is Dead [Fred Is Dead EP]
Peach Club – Faux Feminist [Post Modern Siren EP]

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