Human Pleasure radio 7th/14th November 2022….your time starts again.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Personal Trainer – The Lazer [Big Love Blanket LP]
Kitchen’s Floor – Haunted Houses [None Of That LP]
Caleb Landry Jones – Touchdown Yolk [Gadzooks Vol. 2 LP]
The Haunted Youth – Broken [Daawn Of The Freak LP]
Special Interest – Cherry Blue Intention [Endure LP]
False Figure – Sadist Lament [Castigations LP]
Mr. Phylzzz – Karl And His New Big Suit [Cancel Culture Club LP]
Volunteer Department – Swell [single]
Deuce – Seven Hour Flower [single]
Ghost Car – Clown Town [Truly Trash LP]
Scout Gillett – 444 Marcy Ave. [No Roof No Floor LP]
Shutups – World [I can’t eat nearly as much as I want to vomit LP]
SLEEMO – Dog [single]
Klubber Lang – The Sad Professor [single]
Summer Flake – Stranger [single]
Meat Wave – What Would You Like Me To Do [Malign Hex LP]
Phil & The Tiles – Elixir [Phil & The Tiles EP]
Fauness – Grape & Grain [The Golden Ass LP]
Russ Spence – Spectrum [Attempted Saoundscapes LP]
Flogging A Dead One Horse Town – Spewed Me Guts Out [EP 15 EP]
Hammered Hulls – Hardest Road [Careening LP]
Psychic Guilt – 4th Floor [Midheaven LP]
Candy Coffins – Seaside Girls [Once Do It With Feeling LP]
RL – Reality [Be True EP]
Alien Nosejob – Shuffle Boogie [Stained Glass LP]
DAMEFRISØR – Horizon [Island of Light LP]
David Brewis – The Last Day [Soft Stuggles LP]
En Attendant Ana – Principia [Principia LP]
The Laughing Chimes – Ice Cream Skies [Zoo Avenue EP]
Maggie The Cat – Donne Moi Ta Chose [single]
Mirrorball – Tinsel For a Tear [single]
MOLLY – The Golden Age (Radio Edit) [Picturesque LP]
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Mr Medicine [Land of Sleeper LP]
Widows Gold – Holy Rollers [single]
Big Joanie – In My Arms [Back Home LP]
Euroboy + Alicia Breton Ferrer – Bright [Sacrificial Chanting Mood]
Yo La Tengo – Fallout [This Stupid World LP]

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