Human Pleasure radio 23rd May 2022….all glamour and class.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Ballot Box – From Nothing [From Nothing single]
Columbia Mills – Addiction [Addiction single]
Half-handed Cloud – Handles [Flutterama LP]
Horse Jumper of Love – I Poured Sugar in Your Shoes [Natural Part LP
The Lounge Society – Blood Money [Tired of Liberty LP]
Press Club – Cancelled [single]
Hillsborough – Trouble Finds Its Way [single]
Young Guv – Nowhere At All [GUV IV EP]
Barely Autumn – Let Go [single]
Erica Dawn Lyle & Vice Cooler – Debt Collector w’ Kim Gordon [Land Trust: Benefit For NEFOC LP]
lullahush – You Look Like You’ve Been Up All Night [A City Made of Water and Small Love LP]
Oneida – I Wanna Hold Your Electric Hand [Success LP]
Pet Fox – Only Warning [A Face In Your Life LP]
Gorgeous Bully – sick of everything [am i really going to die here LP]
Kara Delik – Oh, well [Tamam LP]
Art Moore – Snowy {Art Moore LP]
Fat Earthers – Selfish [Bored LP]
GHXST – Pls, You Must Be A Dream [GHXST LP]
London Plane – Watch That Madman Go [Bright Black LP]
moodlighting – Ahead of myself [Boy Wonder LP]
Pineapple – Snakes & Ladders [Trials LP]
Sarakiniko – Enough [Red Forest LP]
Black Cab – Superfans! [Rotsler’s Rules LP]
Hitsujibungaku – Denpa no Machi [our hope LP]
Flu Flu – StereoMan [Third LP]
23 And Beyond The Infinite – Disappeared Smiling Sun [Lumen Del Mundo LP]
Girlsperm – Controlled Environment [The Muse Ascends LP]
Judy And The Jerks – California [Music To Go Nuts LP]
White Flowers – This Is Not [Are You EP]
Gentle Sinners – The Cries [These Actions Cannot Be Undone LP]
Modal Melodies – Driving [Modal Melodies LP]
Sons – Hot Friday [Sweet Boy LP]
Allie – Cast Iron [Cast Iron / Infinite Jesters single]
The Mutual Torture – Independent [Don’t LP]
The Rills – World Leader [Do It Differently EP]
Kolzilla – Grouchland [Nightzilla LP]
Honeyglaze – Deep Murky Water Honeyglaze
Kikagaku Moyo – Gomugomu [Kumoyo Island LP]
Julie Doiron & Dany Placard – What If I Said [Julie & Dany LP]

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