Playlist for Monday, 23rd January 2017….a generation raised on pills

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

People Skills – Town Of Diana [Gunshots At Crestridge LP]
Klez.E – Flammen [Desintegration LP]
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Sweet Relief [Feed The Rats LP]
Joan Of Arc – Grange Hex Stream [He’s Got The Whole This Land Is Your Land In His Hands LP]
Skinny Milk – Slip Down The Hole [Skinny Milk EP]
Ah Fuck – Rejected By The Storm [Alone In A Cusp CS]
Badlands – Dreams [Dark Dreams single]
Last Quokka – Splashback [Last Quokka LP]
Priests – No Big Bang [Nothing Feels Natural LP]
Tough Tits – Hairless [Hairless single]
Las Kellies – Sun Goes Down [Friends & Lovers LP]
Feature – Schedules Align [Banishing Ritual LP]
Rat Columns – Someone Else’s Dream [Candle Power LP]
Qual – Cupio Dissolvi [Cupio Dissolvi EP]
The Bellicose Minds – Orwell’s Troops [The Creature LP]
The Molochs – You And Me [America’s Velvet Glory LP]
Krause – Weak [2am Thoughts LP]
The Staches – Transistor [Placid Faces LP]
The Gods Themselves – Speak In Tongues [Be My Animal LP]
Twenty-One Crows – Diamond Heeled Shoes [Attrition 7″]
Menace Beach – Suck It Out [Lemon Memory LP]
Hand Habits – Sun Beholds Me [Wildly Idle (Humble Before The Void) LP]
Peak Body – Life’s Hard [7000 The Pick Of Hobart Independent Bands LP]
The Pits – Gravel Road [7000 The Pick Of Hobart Independent Bands LP]
Husky Loops – Fighting Myself [single]

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