Playlist for Monday, 5th September 2016…..gosh, that was way too far.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

..on with the show playlist

Flyying Colours – Long Holiday [Mindfullness LP]
Fresh Snow – I Can’t Die [One LP]
Frankie And The Witch Fingers – Rise [Heavy Roller LP]
CC Mose – What This Is [Beat Me LP]
Fraudband – Little Joys [The Bevis Frond/Fraudband Split LP]
Honey Bucket – Michael And The Mutation [Magical World LP]
Den – Poltergeist [Den EP]
Total Slacker – Olympus Hills [Parallels LP]
Black Twig – Hyvinkää [Blaze On A Plain LP]
Lizzy Rose – Walk The Walk (You’re A Whore) [Crocodile Tears LP]
Chuck – Bushwick Girl [My Band Is A Computer LP]
Dehd – Sunburn [Dehd CS]
Bloodhounds On My Trail – Over The Wall [Over The Wall single]
A Shoreline Dream – Whirlwind [Whirlwind single]
Dott – I Found You [Beverly Baldwin EP]
Hoops – Cool 2 [Hoops EP]
Tyrannamen – I Can’t Read Your Mind [Tyrannamen LP]
Ausmuteants – Struck By Lightning [Band Of The Future LP]
Cowtown – Let Go [Paranormal Romance LP]
Creative Adult – Reality Tunnel [Fear Of Life LP]
Sweet Williams – The Deer Song [ Please Let Me Sleep On Your Tonight LP]
Dangers – Kiss With Spit [The Bend in the Break LP]
Sex Stains – Don’t Hate Me ‘cuz I’m Beautiful [Sex Stains LP]
EZTV – High Flying Faith [High In Place LP]
Charlie ‘ungry – Time To Go [Who Is My Killer EP]
The Jeanies – Amilee [Amilee 7″]
Soft Candy – Bixarre Luv Pyramids [Bixarre Luv Pyramids 7″]
No Sister – Fixing Broken Windows [No Sister LP]
Taman Shud – Sunken Chapel [Oracle War LP]

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