Playlist for Monday, April 11th 2011…announcer free radio

As we wait to get back into the studio after the quake we will continue to keep RDU alive from our bedrooms…ooh err.

The Oscillation-Future Echo [Veils LP] listen
Wild Nothing-Gruesome Castle [Gruesome Flowers: A Tribute to The Wake EP]
Brave Irene-Longest Day [Brave Irene LP]
Capsula-Let’s Run Far Away [In the Land of Silver Souls LP]
Young Knives-Human Again [Ornaments From The Silver Arcade LP]
What Would Jesus Drive-Boomtown Twats [Black And Blue LP]
The Kills-Future Starts Slow [Blood Pressures LP]
//TENSE//-Pull The Strings [Escape EP]
Sweet Bulbs-Down On My Life [Sweet Bulbs LP]
Sonny and the Sunsets-She Plays YoYo With My Mind [Hit After Hit LP]
Slowness-Duck & Cover [Hopeless but Otherwise EP] listen
Pheromoans-Bad Dandelion [It Still Rankles LP]
Mazes-Vampire Jive [A Thousand LP]
Love Boat-I’m alright [Sliding Deck EP]
The Generationals-Ten Twenty Ten [Actor-Caster LP]
EMA-Butterfly Knife [Past Life Martyred Saints LP]
Crystal Stilts-Precarious Stair [In Love With Oblivion LP]
Cold Cave-Icons Of Summer [Cherish The Light Years LP]
Alcoholic Faith Mission-Legacy [And The Running With Insanity EP]
Ceremony-Not Tonight [Split EP]
Dirty Beaches-No Fun [single]
Sisterland-Tomorrow [single 7″]
Boris-Spoon [New Album LP]
Joan of Arc-Still Life [Life Like LP]
Moon Duo-Run Around [Mazes LP]
Shapes Have Fangs-Cry Baby [Dinner in The Dark LP]
Soft Kill-Feral Moans [An Open Door LP]
The Chapman Family-Something I Can’t Get Out [Burn Your Town LP]
Echo Lake-In Dreams [Young Silence EP]
JEFF The Brotherhood-Shredder [Live at Third Man Records LP]
Monotonix-Before I Pass Away [Not Yet LP]
La Sera-I Promise You [La Sera LP]
Lifeguards-Trip The Web [Waving At The Astronauts LP]
Lower Heaven-Firearms [Today Is All We Have LP]
Ringo DeathStarr-Do It Every Time [Colour Trip LP]
The Babies-Sick Kid [The Babies LP

This week’s podcast here

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