Playlist for Monday, August 1st 2011…and we’re on the road again

…..and we’re back live!

After months of sitting in a my little padded room due the several earthquakes that have shattered our city. Talking to myself every week while supplying you with the latest tunes that hopefully you have enjoyed, finally came to an end Monday with the first live show from the new roving studio->

So off we go with a live session this week from The Babies recorded at the Northside Festival, McCarren Park, Brooklyn, NY USA. Courtesy of [free download]

And back to regular programming…

AVER-Acid Rain [AVER LP]
Jacuzzi Boys-Cool Vapors [Glazin’ LP]
Brain Idea-Signals [Cosmos Factory LP]
Grooms-Tiger Trees [Prom LP]
Boston Spaceships-Make a Record for Lo-Life [Let It Beard LP]
Real Estate-It’s Real [It’s Real single]
Cheerleader-New Daze [Cheerleader single] free download
Driver Drive Faster-The Conversation [Open House LP]
Army Navy-Last Legs [The Last Place LP]
Brilliant Colors-Painting Truths [Again And Again LP]
Echo Lake-Another Day [Another Day single]
Milk Maid-Dead Wrong [Yucca LP]
Cymbals Eat Guitars-Keep Me Waiting [Lenses Alien LP]
Fungi Girls-Lucie [Some Easy Magic LP]
True Widow-Skull Eyes [As High As the Highest Heavens and from the Center to the Circumference of the Earth LP]

No podcast this week sorry..just got to work out a few things..

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