Playlist for Monday, December 20th 2010, …the end my friend

Last show of the year, I will be back 3rd, Jan 2011..until then keep safe and enjoy the break, my favourite albums of the year will be posted as soon as I’ve done the dishes…

Live session this week from Mission of Burma recorded at the Maxwell’s, Hoboken, NJ USA. Courtesy of

…and on with the show.

Cleckhuddersfax-North Tripoli [Spen Beck LP]
Suuns-PVC [Zeroes QC LP]
Greatest Hits-Ambulence [Danse Pop 7″]
The Girls At Dawn-When She Goes Away [Call The Doctor LP]
Crystal Stilts-Practically Immaculate free download
the notes-Wishing Well [Wishing Well LP] Pay what you want
Spectrals-7th Date [A Spectrals Extended Play EP]
Plug-Money Loves Drugs Fame [Plug LP]
Munch Munch-Wolfman’s Wife [Double Visions LP]
Vondelpark-Hippodrome [Sauna EP]
The Death Notes-In The Spiders Web [single]
Sic Alps-Cement Surfboard [Napa Asylum LP]
Deerhoof-The Merry Barracks [Deerhoof vs. Evil LP]
The Babies-Run Me Over [The Babies LP]
The Beets-Cold Lips [Stay Home LP]
Wire-A Flat Tent [Red Barked Tree LP]

This weeks podcast here

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