Playlist for Monday, July 11th 2011…c’mon, the last?

The show to end all shows that were recorded in my home office as a result of the various earthquakes that hit Christchurch this year.

Future shows will be broadcast live from the new mobile studio, and podcasts of course will turn up later..

Honeydrum-Weekend Break! [Pleasures Of The Sun cs]
Vetiver-Ride Ride Ride [The Errant Charm LP]
Widowspeak-Wicked Game [Gun Shy 7″]
Wooden Shjips-Black smoke rise [West LP]
Xiu Xiu-Daphny [Daphny 7″]
Vladimir-I Fight Fire [forthcoming EP]
Grooms-Into the Arms [Prom LP]
Vehicle Blues-Oscar Bought A Boat [Koz Park tape]
Grass Widow-Mannequin [Milo Minute 7″]
Bachelorette-Polarity Party [Bachelorette LP]
O. Children-Lily’s Man [Acoustic EP]
Pure X-Dry Ice [Pleasure LP]
Still Corners-Endless Summer [Cuckoo 7″]
Big Troubles-Misery [Romantic Comedy LP]
Veronica Falls-Come On Over [Veronica Falls LP]
R.E.M.-Wait (Athens Demo) [Lifes Rich Pageant reissue LP]
Happy Thoughts-Never Gonna Do It [Happy Thoughts LP]
Pursesnatchers-Mechanical Rabbits [A Pattern Language LP]
Purling Hiss-The Hoodoo [Lounge Lizards EP]
Slim Twig-Priscilla [U.S Girls/Slim Twig Palmist Split LP]
U.S. Girls-Pamela + GG [U.S Girls/Slim Twig Palmist Split LP]
The Blind Shake-They’re All Gone [Seriousness LP]
Idaho-Structure [You Were A Dick LP]
Jeff The Brotherhood-Cool Out [We Are The Champions LP]
Kids On A Crime Spree-Dead Ripe [We Love You So Bad LP]
Pink Reason-Sixteen Years [Shit in the Garden LP]
Soviet Soviet-Prince, Prostitutes [Summer, Jesus LP]
Male Bonding-Bones [Endless Now LP]
OFF!-Poison City [Live at Generation Records LP]
Ryan Garbes-Whatever You Want [Sweet Hassle LP]
Soft Metals-Do You Remember [S/T LP]

This weeks podcast here

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