Playlist for Monday, June 9th-London Calling Festival and others!

In concert series-Live at London Calling Festival April 2008

Get Shakes
Florence and The Machine
Cage The Elephant

….and tunes that are spinning on the turntable this week.

Now, Now Every Children -Everyone You Know [In The City (EP)]
Plastic Passion-File Under [Demo]
Audrey-Big Ships [The Fierce and the Longing LP]
Universal Circus -BF legend [Hello sunshine! LP]
The Rascals-Out Of Dreams [Rascalize LP]
Camping-Action:Reaction [Politics Of Love LP]
Officer Kicks -Pictures Of Me [Pictures Of Me]
Ceremony-Until You’re Mine [New LP Demo’s
Bromhead’s Jacket-Speaker Box [Speaker Box demo]
CSS -Left Behind [Left Behind CDS]

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