Playlist for Monday, October 21th 2013…C120 mixtape, the fourth edition

mix·tape IV

noun ˈmiks-ˌtāp

Definition of MIXTAPE

: a compilation of songs recorded (as onto a cassette tape or a CD) from various sources 
I was unable to do the show live on Monday so I have bashed out a classic C120 mixtape for your listening pleasure  

…and on with the show

The Chills – Heavenly Pop Hit    [Somewhere Beautiful LP]
Violent Soho – Fur Eyes    [Hungry Ghost LP]
Tropic Of Cancer – Rites Of The Wild    [Restless Idylls LP]
Monuments – The Seals    [Age LP]
Trust Fund – Complicate    [Don’t Let Them Begin LP]
Gooch Palms – The Slide    [Novo’s LP]
Teeth Of The Sea – Put Me On Your Shoulders So I Can See The Rats    [Master LP]
Pikelet – Forward Motion    [Calluses LP]
Musumeci – Berlino    [Schwarz Morgen / Zusammen LP]
Alligator Indian – Later, Data Dog    [More Songs About Animals And TV CS]
Beta Blocker And The Body Clock – Graduation    [Inside The Pickle Jar CD]
Whores – Last Looks    [Clean LP]
Unity Floors – Nice Fit   [single]
Yuck – Middle Sea    [Glow & Behold LP]
Younghusband – Wavelength    [Dromes LP]
Teenage Guitar – Court Of Lions    [Force Fields At Home LP]
The Spinning Rooms – It Can’t Not    [Complicating Things LP]
Trick Mammoth – Delphine (With A Purpose)   [Bandcamp]    
Way Through – Dedham Vale    [Clapper Is Still LP]
Un Blonde – Ok But Alright    [What Surrounding LP]
Shivering Window – Video Store Girl    [Dare To Be Nothing CS]
Traams – Loose    [Grin LP]
The Oscillation – No Place To Go    [From Tomorrow LP]
Temples – Keep In The Dark    [Keep In The Dark LP]
Sealings – Swag Chandelier    [ST Cassette]
Perfect Pussy – 2    [I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling CS]
Novella – Follow    [Murmurs Ep]
No Anchor – Bogan Ash    [No Anchor / Dead Split 7″]

Polvo – Changed    [Siberia LP]
Night Beats – As You Want    [Sonic Bloom LP]
Quasi – An Ice Cube In The Sun    [Mole City LP]
Shopping – In Other Words    [Consumer Complaints LP]
Primitive Motion – Skyline    [Worlds Floating By LP]
Cave – Silver Headband    [Threace LP] 

Listen again, Mixcloud and Podcast.


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