Playlist for Monday,February 6th 2012….granted!

A long weekend for us, so I thought I would play you some tunes that made my weekend

…on with the show

Veronica Falls-The Box [Veronica Falls LP]
Pulled Apart By Horses-Shake Off The Curse [Tough Love LP]
The Band In Heaven-If You Only Knew [Sludgy Dreams 7″] free download
Radar Eyes-I Am [Radar Eyes LP]
All The Saints-Preachy [Intro To Fractions LP]
The Dalaï Lama Rama Fa Fa Fa-Sun [You Make Me Crazy 7″]
Cloud Nothings-Our Plans [Attack On Memory LP]
Dead Farmers-Never Enough [Out The Door 7″]
Dz Deathrays-No Sleep [No Sleep EP] free download
Yes Im Leaving-Untitled [Nothing LP[ free download
Feathers-Mary [Hunter’s Moon LP]
Woollen Kits-Always [Woollen Kits LP]
Low-Fi-Daylight [What We Are Is Secret LP]
The Evens-Warble Factor [Two Songs 7″]
Pop. 1280-Burn The Worm [The Horror LP]
Fair Ohs-Salt Flats [Salt Flats postcard flexi!]
The Sunday Reeds-Fall From Grace [Kill This Party EP]
The Magnetic Fields-Andrew In Drag [Andrew In Drag single]
Trust-Bulbform [Trst LP]
Brief Candles-Permafrost [200,000 Gazes: Volume One LP] free download
Cough Cool-Biggest Loser [Lately LP]
Holy State-Dial ‘m’ For Monolith [Electric Picture Palace LP]
oOoOO -Nowayback [Our Loving Is Killing Us LP] free download

This weeks podcast and Mixcloud here

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