Playlist for Monday, August 11th 2014….a small bright light in the dark

A radio show, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres. Variety is the spice of life they say…

..on with this weeks show

Ciggie Witch – Broken Nose  [Rock And Roll Juice LP]
Melbourne Cans – Final Flight  [Moonlight Malaise LP]
Field Mouse – Two Ships  [Hold Still Life LP]
Pink Frost – Seek And Recover  [Traitors EP]
Alpha Consumer – Stepsister  [Meat LP]
La Hell Gang – Last Hit  [Thru Me Again LP]
Horsebeach – What Problem?  [Horsebeach LP]
Ausmuteants – Freedom Of Information  [Order of Operation LP]
Cosines – Out Of The Fire  [Oscillations LP]
Eastern Hollows – Still Smile  [Eastern Hollows LP]
Roses – It’s Over  [Dreamlover EP]
Cozy – Just A Touch  [Button By Button LP]
Dressmaker – We Breathe  [Glass EP]
Heartthrob – Mint  [As Is LP]
Leisure Birds – Seven Spirals  [Tetrahedron LP]
Flyying Colours – Not Today  [single]
Xeno And Oaklander – Lastly  [Par Avion LP]
Eaters – Far  [Eaters LP]
Xymox – Strange 9 To 9  [Subsequent Pleasures LP]
The Just Joans – Biblically Speaking  [Indietracks Compilation 2014 LP]
The Manhattan Love Suicides – (Never Stop) Hating You  [Indietracks Compilation 2014 LP]
The Popguns – Still Waiting For The Winter  [Indietracks Compilation 2014 LP]
The Proper Ornaments – Summer’s Gone  [Indietracks Compilation 2014 LP]
The Royal Landscaping Society – Goodbye  [Indietracks Compilation 2014 LP]
The Zebras – Try  [Siesta LP]

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