Human Pleasure radio 10th/17th October 2022….it gets worse and worse.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

New Age Healers – Don’t Wait Up [Demolition Stories LP]
Sprints – I’m In A Band [A Modern Job LP]
Adwaith – Nid Aur [Bato Mato LP]
Viagra Boys – Creepy Crawlers [Cave World LP]
Free Lunch – Waste [Dumbwaiter LP]
Cloth – Lucid [Low Sun EP]
Delivery – The Complex [Forever Giving Handshakes + Demo’s CS]
Rhinestone Pickup Truck – Fine And Well [Adore Me LP]
Turmallina – Escadas [Aurora LP]
Fazed On A Pony – Grim Judy [single]
The Love Buzz – Wild One [single]
Children – Counterfeit Fire [Counterfeit Fire LP]
Dungen – Var Har Du Varit? [En Är F​ö​r Mycket Och Tusen Aldrig Nog LP]
Die Nerven – Ein Tag [Die Nerven LP]
Gilla Band – I Was Away [Most Normal LP]
Peel Dream Magazine – Self Actualization Center [Pad LP}
Princess Chelsea – Love Is More [Everything Is Going To Be Alright LP]
The Casual Dots – Gypsum Mortar [Sanguine Truth LP]
The Hide Outs – Hurt My Pride [Colors and Shapes LP]
Soft Pastels – A Walk To The Beach [Shutters View LP]
Dagger Moth – Church Without God [The Sun Is A Violent Place LP]
Canadian Invasion – Red Line to Shady Grove [Red Line to Shady Grove EP]
The Vacant Lots – Obsession [Closure LP]
NO ZU – Liquid Love [Heat Beat LP]
Swiss Portrait – Lazy [Safe House LP]
Northern Portrait – Long Live Tonight [The Swiss Army LP]
Alien Nosejob – Beatles Vs Stones [Stained Glass LP]
Can’t Read – Tar Paradise [Mind’s Eye LP]
Flogging A Dead One Horse Town – Roger [Some Bastards EP]
Lacing – Starewell [Never LP]
Motte – Crystal Waters [Cold + Liquid LP]
The Loyal Seas – Come Around Again [Strange Mornings In The Garden LP]
Idi Et Amin – Jetlagged [Candy Suck LP]
SRSQ – Winter, Slowly [Ever Crashing LP]

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