Human Pleasure radio 26th September 2022….a moment please, if you will.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Booter – In Control [10/10 LP]
the sheaves – Good Health [Excess Death Cult Time LP]
Shake Chain – RU [Shake Chain LP]
Starcrawler – Thursday [She Said LP]
Sick Thoughts – Hole In The Wall [Heaven Is No Fun LP]
Delivery – Baader Meinhof [Forever Giving Handshakes LP]
Bad//Dreems – Mansfield 6.0 [single]
Chappaqua Wrestling – Wayfinding [single]
Lande Hekt – What Could I Sell [House Without a View LP]
Life – Hull Sky [single]
Polevaulter – Soylent Green [Move Ep]
S.C.A.B. – Tuesday [S.C.A.B. LP]
She/Her/Hers – To-Do Lists (Color Coded) [She/Her/Hers LP]
Sister Wives – Ticking Time Bomb [Y GAWRES LP]
Phil & The Tiles – Nun’s Dream [Phil & The Tiles EP]
The Soft Moon – Face Is Gone [Exister LP]
Terra Pines – Indoor Kid [Downbeats LP
Cari Cari – No Proper Life [Welcome To Kookoo Island LP]
The Clockworks – Advertise Me [single]
Courting – Loaded [Guitar Music LP]
Heaven For Real – Do Your Worst [Energy Bar LP]
Double Vanity – Double Vanity [Love to Leave You LP]
Spice World – Dying to Go [Dying To Go / What A Pity What A Shame single]
Willie & The Cigs – Dead Cowboys [Loaded With Hits LP]
ON – Blackmail [ON LP]
Soft Set – Diamond [Still Life LP]
Crack Cloud – Virtuous Industry [Tough Baby LP]
Aluminum – Windowpane [Windowpane EP]
No Age – Plastic (You Want It) [People Helping People LP]
Closure – Post Partum [Innocence LP]
Freak Genes – Matter Will Move [Hologram LP]
Fruit LoOops – Pharmacy [Last Chance at the Pharmacy LP]
Funeral Tango – Soho [Stars LP]
Oliver Sim – Sensitive Child [Hideous Bastard LP]
Frenchy and the Punk – Mon Souvenir [Zen Ghost LP]
Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs – Is there Logic in Pop? [Singles LP]

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