Human Pleasure radio 10th April 2023… it’s way past three.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Jody And The Jerms – Insatiable [Wonder LP]
bdrmm – It’s Just A Bit Of Blood [I Don’t Know LP]
The Bug Club – Out In The Streets [Picture This! 7″]
Fanchon – Grow [single]
The Gulps – Surrender [single]
Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Ricochet [Crumble EP]
Live Skull – Neutralize The Outliers [Party Zero LP]
Perlee – Reckoning [Speaking From Other Rooms LP]
Private Wives – Pity Party [Bad Taste LP]
Calvin Johnson – Good And Crazy [Gallows Wine LP]
Washer – Not Like You [Improved Means To Deteriorated Ends LP]
Worriers – Doom Scrolling [Warm Blanket LP]
DEADLETTER – The Snitching Hour [single]
ginnel – Is Real [single]
Sea Lungs – Parlour Tricks [single]
Acid Wave – Make Me Drown [heart2heart LP]
Immaterial Possession – To The Fete [Mercy Of The Crane Folk LP]
ZAC – Stargazer [ZAC II LP]
Iguana Death Cult – Echo Palace [Echo Palace LP]
MalClango – Bravi Quasi Tutti [Sparagazzarre LP]
Sinaïve – Métier de vivre [Répétition LP]
Special Friend – Bête ]Wait Until The Flames Come Rushing In LP]
Teiger – Come And Find Me [Teiger LP]
Cable Ties – Perfect Client [All Her Plans LP]
Nightbus – Mirrors [Way Past Three / Mirrors 7″]
The Primitives – Till I’m Alive [Don’t Know Where To Start EP]
Debt Rag – Barf On USA [Lost To The Fantasy LP]
Ist Ist – Stamp You Out [Protagonists LP]
The Boys With The Perpetual Nervousness – Out of Time [The Third Wave Of​.​.​. LP]
Whitney’s Playland – Backwards Forever [Sunset Sea Breeze LP]
Koalra – For a Minute [Nihilism and Analog Tape LP]
Julian Never – Step On [Pious Fiction LP]
Are We Superheroes? – One by One [Fast Forward To The Future LP]
Arbor Labor Union – Always Wear Your Shadow Hat [Yonder LP]

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