Human Pleasure radio 24th April 2023……don’t worry, they will be here soon.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Problem Patterns – Who Do We Not Save? [single]
Unstuck – Working Man! [single]
The Telescopes – Because They Care [Experimental Health LP]
Treeboy & Arc – False Objects [Natural Habitat LP]
We Hate You Please Die – Sorority [Sorority / Control single]
Fräulein – Brand New [Pedestal EP]
Squid – Undergrowth [O Monolith LP]
Bee Bee Sea – Time & Time [single]
Black Thumb – Walk On By [The Flying Propeller Group LP]
Garden Centre – Shock Site [Searching for a Stream LP]
MOONWALKS – War On Nothing [Western Mystery Tradition LP]
PURS – Landscape of Abandon [single]
Soup Activists – I don’t care what Gilchrist says [single]
M(h)aol – Therapy [Attachment Styles LP]
The Psychotic Monks – Crash [Pink Colour Surgery LP]
Karma Voyage – Branches Of An Old Ash [Lights In Forgotten Places LP]
Civic – Born In The Heat [Taken By Force LP]
Big Break – Computer Phone [Angel’s Piss LP]
Starving Pets – After You’ve Gone [No shake, no feels LP]
Dancer – The Split [Dancer LP]
Terry – Jane Roe [Call Me Terry LP]
Pere Ubu – Crocodile Smile [Trouble On Big Beat Street LP]
Fixtures – I Keep Getting Murdered in My Sleep [Hollywood Dog LP]
Perlee – Lived Out Moons [Speaking from Other Rooms LP]
Candy Coffins – Another Kiss [Once Do It With Feeling LP]
Immaterial Possession – Medieval Jig [Mercy Of The Crane Folk LP]
Boa Morte – Mountain [The Total Space LP]
Withered Hand – Feelings [How To Love LP]
Black Country, New Road – Up Song [Live at Bush Hall LP]
Oceans – Look Into My Eyes [Dreamers In Dark Cities LP]
The Goa Express – Good Luck Charm [single]
Laurel Canyon – Daddy’s Honey [Laurel Canyon LP]

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