Human Pleasure radio 11th June 2018….you said you had it, a premonition?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

black midi – bmbmbm [single]
Here Lies Man – Animal Noises [You Will Know Nothing LP]
Oneida – Good Cheer [Romance LP]
Deaf Wish – FFS [Lithium Zion LP]
Kevin Krauter – Suddenly [Toss Up LP]
Ulrika Spacek – No. I Hum [Suggestive Listening EP]
HÄXXAN – Jeff Casanova [The Magnificent Planet of Alien Vampiro II LP]
Kagoule – Bad Saliva [single]
Lice – Voyeur Picture Salesman [It All Worked Out Great Vol.1 + Vol.2 LP]
Apostille – Fly With The Dolphin [Choose Life LP]
School Damage – Scump Damage 2 [Sings… Four Songs About One Cat EP]
Stephen Bailey – Demure [Silo LP]
Immersion – Propulsoid [Sleepless LP]
Deeper – Pavement [Deeper LP]
Spielbergs – Daisy! It’s the New Me [Distant Star EP]
London Plane – New York Howl [ New York Howl LP]
Polyplastic – Next Slide [single]
Cassels – When Completing Handshakes [single]
ILL – Hysteria [We Are ILL LP]
Soft Science – Breaking [Maps LP]
Sara Renberg – Take the Summer Off [Night Sands LP]
Lié – Rat River [Consent LP]
Walk Upright – Sanctioned [Walk Upright LP]
Reality Something – Manipulation [Life Noise LP]
Twins – What We All Sing [That Which Is Not Said LP]
Smokescreens – Someone New [Used To Yesterday LP]

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