Human Pleasure radio 13th March 2023….If I just put this here..we’ll be alright.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

American Grandma – Stone Cross [Rare Knives of Light LP]
The Faux Faux – Cold Hearted Woman [single]
Ben Salter – Stats [Mayday LP]
Benefits – Warhorse [Nails LP]
Chime School – Coming To Your Town [single]
Dippers – Tightening the Tangles [Clastic Rock LP]
Jaus – Lies [EP EP]
Mandy, Indiana – Pinking Shears [Pinking Shears LP]
Nick Waterhouse – Late In The Garden [The fooler LP]
Pynch – London [Howling at a Concrete Moon LP]
The Reds, Pinks & Purples – The Town That Cursed Your Name [The Town That Cursed Your Name LP]
Slow Pulp – Cramps [single]
Sunfruits – End of the World [One Degree LP]
Sunnsetter – Surely Everything’s Alright [The best that I can be. LP]
Frankie Rose – Had It Wrong [Love as Projection LP]
Fixtures – I Keep Getting Murdered in My Sleep [Hollywood Dog LP]
Xiu Xiu – Maybae Baeby [Ignore Grief LP]
PLRLS – On My Way To Hell [Curses LP]
Hayes Noble – Self [Head Cleaner LP]
Coral Grief – Better [Daydrops LP]
Taleen Kali – Fine Line [Flower Of Life LP]
Pocket Vinyl – Divided [You Never Say Goodbye When You Leave LP]
Miss Grit – Nothing’s Wrong [Follow The Cyborg LP]
Errorr – Not Even Bored [Self Destruct LP]
Black Belt Eagle Scout – Nobody [The Land, The Water, The Sky LP]
Fun with Ether – In Idle [A Dirty Kind of Clean LP]
Ulrika Spacek – Diskbänksrealism [Compact Trauma LP]
$T33D$_uv_LUV – Zoom on the Can [Ballards For Bros LP]
French Police – Diet Coke [Bleu LP]
Closed Mouth – You Know [The Four Walls LP]
runnner – Scabpicker [Like Dying Stars, We’re reaching Out LP]
Truth Cult – What Is Time? [Walk the Wheel LP]
Shalom – Mine First [Sublimation LP]
Playthings – Sit Down (Stand Up) [Playthings LP]
Office Dog – Big Air [Big Air / Warmer EP]
Black Thumb – Low [The Flying Propeller Group LP]

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