Human Pleasure radio 13th November 2023…..We’ve not had this before.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Crash – Day at the Fair [Crash LP]
Carrows – Ineffable [7 Words LP]
Jock – What a drag [single]
Dialup Ghost – Transphobes and Fascists Hate Our Guts (So What?) [single]
Jock – Moving [single]
Mo Dotti – For Anyone And You [single]
Problem Patterns – Who Do We Not Save? [Blouse Club LP]
Jerome – DK First [Moving EP]
Wisp – Once then we’ll be free [single]
Wych Elm – Burnt At The Stake [Field Crow EP]
Frog – Black on Black on Black [GROG LP]
Emerald Woods – Employable [Dem0Ns [Zero] EP]
Girl and Girl – Strangers (Fight Night) [Fight Night LP]
The Judges – Who’s Your God Today? [Judgement Day LP]
The Serfs – Electric Like An Eel [Half Eaten By Dogs LP]
Why Bother? – I Forfeit [Calling All Goons LP]
Golden Apples – Waiting For A Cloud [Bananasugarfire LP]
Neon Kittens – How Many Fingers? [Nine Doesn’t Work For An Outside Line LP]
Viji – Sedative [So Vanilla LP]
Heartworms – May I Comply [single]
Yutaniii – Jaded [single]
The Secret Migraines – Blood Sugars [A Love Letter To Helen LP]
Lightheaded – Love is Overrated [Good Good Great! EP]
Scrounge – Corner Cutting Boredom [single]
Bewilder – Breaking [From the Eyrie LP]
Sloppy Heads – Me Do Love [Sometimes Just One Second LP]
Youth Valley – February [Lullabies For Adults LP]
Start Together – Founder In Oddity [single]
Current Joys – Moon Sickness [Love + Pop LP]
Computerwife – Eascore [Computerwife LP]
Star 99 – Jackie [Bitch Unlimited LP]
Spirit Night – Any Way I Am [Bury the Dead LP]
Lofi Legs – It’s Time to Tell You [Tragic Magic Sex LP]
Display Homes – Tunnel Of Doubt [What If You’re Right And They’re Wrong LP]
Carnations – I Die [Carnations LP]
Jazz Mags – Cougartown [Stick Together LP]

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