Human Pleasure radio 30th October 2023…..where’s the door?

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Hey Colossus – TV Alone [In Blood LP]
Brontez Purnell – Bachelors Theme [Confirmed Bachelor LP]
Oslo Tapes – Deja Neu [Staring at the Sun Before Goin’ Blind LP]
In The Pines – Let It Slide [Painting By Numbers LP]
CSE Art Project – A Played This Cassette Until It Broke [single]
Den Der Hale – Horse From Turin [Pastoral Light LP]
Dog Door – Cover-Up Contest [single]
The Fauns – How Lost [single]
Party Dozen – Wake In Might [single]
Peter Bibby – The One [single]
Sue – Dance You Scum [single]
bar italia – World’s Greatest Emoter [The Twits LP]
Glitterer – Plastic [Rationale LP]
The Bug Club – Fully Clothed [Rare Birds: Hour of Song LP]
Human Colonies – Kintsukuroi [Kintsukuroi LP]
The Photocopies – Gravity Falters [Unprofessional Conduct LP]
Yowl – Billy’s Birds [Milksick LP]
Emma Anderson – Bend The Round [Pearlies LP]
The Tarts – Fax Machine [Solid Gold LP]
Witching Waves – Vessel [Streams and Waterways LP]
Big Scout – DONUT [single]
Edinburgh School for the Deaf – Orpheus Ascending [New Youth Bible LP]
gglum – SPLAT! [single]
Ov Pain – Silver Gate [Reliquary of Dusk LP]
Nightbus – Exposed to Some Light [single]
Erik Nervous – Drop Dead [single]
Thank You, I’m Sorry – Lleeny Hut Jr [Growing in Strange Places LP]
The Small Intestines – You Make Me Feel [Hide In Time LP]
seablite – Faded [Lemon Lights LP]
Islet – Discipline [Soft Fascination LP]
Blues Lawyer – Our Divide [Sight Gags On The Radio LP]
Quality Used Cars – None Of Us Have Much Time [Quality of Life LP]
Hooper Crescent – Late Night TV [Essential Tremors’ LP]
[melter] – The Golem [[melter] EP]
Love Hiss – Summer ’87 [Hello Comrade! LP]
Bedlocked – All Over Again [All Over Again b/w Moon 7″]
Egyptian Blue – Nylon Wire [A Living Commodity LP]

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