Human Pleasure radio 16th December 2019….extremely impressive.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Medieval Wall [All in Good Time LP]
Tokyo Shoegazer – night dance [Moondiver EP]
Routine Death – Tubeway Revolution [2 Weeks to 4 Months LP]
PVA – Divine Intervention [single]
Silent Forum – Kind of Blue [Everything Solved at Once LP]
Nothingheads – Topsy [Single]
Peel Dream Magazine – Novelty [Up and Up EP]
Analogue Electronic Whatever – The Eyes Have It [CrazyHeads EP]
Tales of Murder and Dust – Distances [Single]
Imperial Wax – Poison Ivy [Gastwerk Saboteurs LP]
Tombstones In Their Eyes – I Believe [Maybe Someday LP]
The S-Bends – Fitzroy [Nothing Feels Natural To Me LP]
Customer Relationship Madness – People in coma [Who Are You Exactly? LP]
Distant Stars – SlowBurn [The Tides LP]
Ducks Unlimited – Annie Forever [Get Bleak LP]
Shadow Show – Shadow Box [single]
Lils – Don’t Say Anything [Lodestone LP]
Your Gaze – Temp [In Gloom LP] – Price [Single]
American Football – For Sure (Demo) [Year One Demos EP]
Chain Wallet – What Everybody Else Could Find [No Ritual LP]
Team Picture – (I Have A) Little Secret (Radio X Live Session) [Another, Always EP]
Itchy Bugger – An Adorable Graveyard [Double Bugger LP]
Julie’s Haircut – Sorcerer [In The Silence Electric LP]
FEET – Petty Thieving [What’s Inside is More Than Just Ham LP]
Bananagun – Out of Reach [single]

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