Human Pleasure radio 9th December 2019….should we change our attitudes?

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Capitol – Never Been to Paris [Dream Noise LP]
The Homesick – I Celebrate My Fantasy [The Big Exercise LP]
The Membranes – Nocturnal (Kitty Lectro Remix) [Nocturnal EP]
Malchicks – Head To Head [Mercury LP]
Duster – Letting Go [Duster LP]
Na Noise – Bad Dreams [single]
The Wilful Boys – Fully Pickled [Life Lessons LP]
Flyying Colours – Goodtimes [Fantasy Country LP]
Toodles & the Hectic Pity – Ducks [Ghosts, Guilt & Grandparents LP]
Empath – Drunken Angel [single]
Pop. 1280 – Boom Operator [Way Station LP]
American Nightmare – Life Support [single]
Basic Plumbing – Bad Mood [Keeping Up Appearances LP]
The Cavemen – Can’t Resist [Night After Night LP]
Human Impact – November [Human Impact LP]
Idles – Great [A Beautiful Thing: Idles Live At Le Bataclan LP]
Hinds – Riding Solo [Single]
Kills Birds – Jesus Did [Kills Birds LP]
The Illicits – In What World [In What World LP]
Panther Modern – Ask Yourself [single]
The Detox Twins – Paradox [Dead Horse Ghost LP]
Distant Stars – Brothers & Sisters [The Tides LP]
Inkraktare – Say Goodbye To You [We Are Not Really Here LP]
The Gaa Gaas – The One Eyed Stranger [The Gaa Gaa’s LP]
Chupa Cabra – Violent Urges [Single]

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