Human Pleasure radio 17th August 2020….you are a trier!

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Kestrels – Say Less [Dream Or Don’t Dream LP]
Silver Scrolls – Q Scrolls [Music For Walks LP]
Thibault – Drama [Or Not Thibault LP]
Such Small Hands – Carousel [Carousel LP]
The Notwist – Ship [Ship single]
The Red Stains – Mannequin [Single]
Tommy And The Commies – Hurtin’ 4 Certain [Hurtin’ 4 Certain LP]
Damaged Bug – I Tried [Bug on Yonkers LP]
Yard Act – Fixer Upper [Fixer Upper / The Trapper’s Pelts single]
The Clockworks – The Future Is Not What It Was [Single]
SPICE – I Don’t Wanna Die in New York [SPICE LP]
Mint – M180 [M180 EP]
Guided By Voices – Game Of Pricks [2020: Live From Dayton, Ohio LP]
The Go! Team – Cookie Scene [Single]
PXPRS – Coup de grâce [Coup de grâce single]
Soft Set – Never Die [single]
Galore – Lemon Tea [Galore LP]
Cat Sfx – Doom Generation [Single]
The C33S – Harpurhey Hostility [Single]
After London – Operator [Single]
L.A. Witch – I Wanna Lose [Play With Fire LP]
The Flatmates – If You Love Me Let Me Know [The Flatmates LP]
Horrid Red – Radiant Life [Radiant Life LP]
Tomorrow Syndicate – Populous [Single]
MINI SKIRT – Pressure [Casino LP]
The Harriets – Darlin’ [Hopefuls LP]
Tough Age – My Life’s a Joke & I’m Throwing It Away [Which Way Am I? LP]
The Wolfhounds – Stand Apart [Electric Music LP]

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