Human Pleasure radio 1st January 2018….another round perhaps?

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Catholic Action – New Year (Christmas Miracle Mix) [No Angels single]
The Stallion – Run Like Hell [The Dark Side Of The Wall LP]
Bamboo – Stay Another Day [single]
Total Control – Luxury Vacuum [Laughing At The System LP]
The Colder Sea – Young Love [Young Love EP]
John Maus – The People Are Missing [Screen Memories LP]
Mitra Mitra – Snakes [The Flood LP]
The Magic Ray – The Tuning Of The Road [The Tuning Of The Road EP]
Coyote – Serpent Hollywood [Hotel For Dogs LP]
Alien Nosejob – Tired [Panel Beat EP]
Weed Hounds – Magic Hour [Double Life EP]
Ariel Levine – I Feel So Safe [Let The Machine Get It LP]
Kitty Kitty Tuna – High Hopes [Kitty Kitty Tuna EP]
Gloria – The Rain Is Out [single]
Jetstream Pony – Charms Around Your Wrist [single]
Tracy Bryant – I Don’t Love You Anymore [A Place For Nothing And Everything In Its Place LP]
Who Is She? – Blushin’ On The 44 [Seattle Gossip EP]
The Just Joans – Steal The Keys (1996 Tears) [You Might Be Smiling Now … LP]
Bazooka – Η Δική Σου Η Σειρά (Your Turn) [Ζούγκλα – Zougla LP]
Coma Cinema – Window [Loss Memory LP]
Beverly Tender – Big Snake Song [What Have You Done To My Water LP]
Rented Rooms – Pacemaker [Pacemaker single]
Cheapster – Grind [Revenge LP]
Bed Wettin’ Bad Boys – Plastic Tears [Rot LP]
Andy Human And The Reptoids – Do The Mole [Kill The Comma 7″]
Razz – Outside In [Time Frames LP]
For The Girl Who Has Everything – Wet Lip Hope [Wet Lip Hope-Dry Lip single]
Just Blankets – White & Orange [Like Velcro EP]

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