Human Pleasure radio 1st January 2024…..Show #666, yes really!

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

VED – Wing Beat Frequencies [If The Door Is Opened, It’s Opened From The Outside LP]
Dez Dare – Got a Fire In My Socket [A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. LP]
Swansea Sound – The Life We Led [Santa Bail Me Out EP]
The Cosmic Gospel – It’s Forever Midnight [Cosmic Songs For Reptiles In Love LP]
Magon – Our Love Is Real [Chasing Dreams…LP]
Get Wrong – Purple [Get Wrong LP]
Feeling Figures – You Were Young [Migration Magic LP]
VELCROS – Troubled Mind [Strange News From the Vault LP]
Cherubs – Fed [Icing LP]
Sea Lemon – Vaporized [Stop at Nothing LP]
Mal Ride – Chimera Landscape [Chimera Landscape LP]
Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger! – Stones [Bloom LP]
PACKS – HFCS [melt the honey LP]
The Veldt – Shallow by Shallow [Illuminated 1989 LP]
Black Market Karma – Wisdom Shifter [The Sour Truth with Sonic Boom 10″]
Almagrey – Coming Back [Pictures Fade LP]
Any Old Iron – Cathedral Spice (Live from The Leadmill) [Live]
Bedsit – Go Outside [Dead Bands EP]
Bend The West – In The Chair [a feast LP]
Colour TV – You Treat This Place Like A Hotel [single]
Courting – Emily G [New Last Name LP]
Gareth Skinner – Bitching [Off // Axis LP]
Gas Kunst – PCSO No No No (You’re Wrong) [Gas Kunst EP]
Ghlow – Big City [Levitate LP]
J.McFarlane’s Reality Guest – YouTube Trip [Whoopee LP]
Local Teen – I Am the Warm Little Center the Yakubian Yeex of This World Is Gathered Around [Culo Sucio LP]
Nightbus – Exposed to Some Light [single]
Shadow Show – Mystic Spiral [Fantasy Now! LP]
Skyjelly – Killer B [Spirit Guide LP]
Softcult – Heaven [single]
Wake in Fright – Punchcard [single]
Wax Head – Jaws Wired Shut [Salt Fat Acid Heat LP
Amos The Kid – World Burn [Enough as it Was LP]

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