Human Pleasure radio 15th January 2024…..what do you say to that!

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Sprints – Can’t Get Enough Of It [Letter To Self LP]
Animal Ghosts – Stellar [Wallow LP]
Bloody Head – There Is No Authority But Yourself… And Everyone Else [Perpetual Eden LP]
Dez Dare – Got a Fire In My Socket [A Billion Goats. A Billion Sparks. Fin. LP]
Whitelands – Tell Me About It [Night-Bound Eyes …Are Blind To The Day LP]
The American Analog Set – Queen Of Her Own Parade [What Are We Going To Tell Guy? LP]
BODEGA – Tarvokski [Tarvokski / Adaptation Of The Truth About Marie single]
Grazia – Cheap [In Poor Taste EP]
Thee Alcoholics – Baby I’m Your Man [Feedback LP]
CHUCK – Nothing Matters to Me Now [single]
Dermabrasion – Halberdier [Pain Behaviour LP]
Glaring – Dumb [Shoegaphex LP]
Circolo Vizioso – Choppy [Verrueckt LP]
Monoscopes – Hey Atlas [Endcyclopedia LP]
Gaswar – Get Down Moses [Girl Vanishes On Way To Jive Club LP]
Plastic Bag – Acid Bath [Ol’ Jack Boot LP]
Romana Ashton and The Reeds – Bring Me [single]
Soft Science – Grip [Lines LP]
Arms and Sleepers – Blood Song (feat. Andreas Schütz) [What Tomorrow Brings LP]
Glitterer – Just A Place [Single]
The Umbrellas – Three Cheers! [Fairweather Friend LP]
Agent blå – Discount [STAB! LP]
Anja Huwe – Rabenschwarz [Codes LP]
Pissed Jeans – Moving On [Half Divorced LP]
Ride – Peace Sign [Interplay LP]
Royel Otis – Heading For The Door [single]
Hard River Divide – Meaningful Mistake [Hard River Divide LP]
Kerosene Kream – Bulbous Swelling [single]
Haunt Me – Nothing Lasts [This Sadness Never Ends LP]
Sluice – Centurion [Radial Gate LP]
Olivia Nowadays – Glue Living Glue [The Sky Doesn’t End at the Top of the Page LP]

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