Human Pleasure radio 1st July 2019….a chance to be to the first to hear this.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Is Bliss – Fall [Strange Communication LP]
Superego – Float, Lost [Space Psyche (special edition) LP]
The Murder Capital – Green & Blue [Green & Blue LP]
Summer Cannibals – Behave [Can’t Tell Me No LP]
Girl Friday – Lullaby No. 13 [Fashion Conman LP]
Hurtsfall – Lucid [single]
Graveyard Club – It Hurts [Goodnight Paradise LP]
Terry – Bizzo and Tophat [Who’s Terry? EP]
Glued – King Of Bees [Cool Evil LP]
Trash Kit – Sunset [Horizon LP]
Guidon Bear – Microgravity [Downwardly Mobile: Steel Accelerator LP]
NEWMOON – Let It End [Single]
Welcome Center – Is This All There Is? [Is This All There Is? LP]
Ghum – Saturn [The Coldest Fire LP]
The Paranoyds – Girlfriend Degree [Carnage Bargain EP]
Taiwan Housing Project – Vessel Creep [Sub-Language Trustees LP]
Grey Hairs – Tory Nurse [Health & Social Care LP]
Screens 4 Eyes – Feelings are for Girls [single]
The Wedding Present – Jump In, The Water’s Fine [Single]
Azure Blue – Millions Of Stars [Images Of You LP]
Possum – Party Jam [Space Grade Assembly LP]
Vukovar – Dive For Your Memory [Cremator LP]
Comfort – Not Passing [Not Passing LP]
Meager Benefits – Moans [Crawling LP]
Life On Venus – What Lies Beneath [Departure LP]

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