Human Pleasure radio 6th June 2022….you cant compete with the sea, can you?

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Ben Shemie – The Eye [Desiderata LP]
The Shop Window – Eyes Wide Shut [Eyes Wide Shut single]
Shoulder Season – Dominoes [Not the Time LP]
Party Dozen – Macca The Mutt (Ft. Nick Cave) [The Real Work LP]
The Velvet Hands – Holiday in My Head [single]
Flower Face – Spiracle [The Shark in Your Water LP]
Lesser Care – Placement [Underneath, Beside Me LP]
The Sad Tomorrows – Long Vibration [The Sad LP]
Van Chamberlain – Pretty Lies [In the Sun LP]
Bodega – Thrown [Broken Equipment LP]
Sam Jr. – Sweet Face [Sam Jr. LP]
The Web Of Lies – Crossed Arms [Nude With Demon LP]
DITZ – Clocks [The Great Regression LP]
Regional Creeps – Streak Must Go On [Single]
The Drin – Down Her Cheek A Pearly Tear [Engines Sing For The Pale Moon LP]
Why Bonnie – 90 In November [90 In LP]
Eades – Ever Changing [Delusion Spree LP]
Posmic – Whirly King [Sun Hymns LP]
Horsegirl – Dirtbag Transformation (Still Dirty) [Versions Of Modern Performance LP]
R.E. Seraphin – The Virtue of Being Wrong [Swingshift LP]
CoConuts – Tubbs [2 LP]
SGO – Bookcase [Bookcase single]
The Umbrellas – Write It In The Sky [Single]
Magon – Halley’s Comet [A Night in Bethlehem LP]
A Fungus – Trace [It Already Does That LP]
Sinaïve – Trash Mental [Super 45 t. EP]
EXWHITE – Loser [Estray EP]
Noon Garden – Dud Day [Beulah Spa LP]
We.The Pigs – Vi Skriiker [We.The Pigs LP]
Sunglaciers – Though Maps [Subterranea LP]
Mophing People – Fades away [Alternative LP]
The Lazy Eyes – Tangerine [Songbook LP]
Alex G – End Song [We’re All Going to the World’s Fair LP]
Cremation Lily – Selfless [Dreams Drenched In Static LP]
Slow Dawn – You’re The One [Into The Machinehaus LP]
A.Cause.In.Distress. – Submission [Single]
Robocobra Quartet – Wellness [Living Isn’t Easy LP]
Vero – Beluga [Unsoothing Interior LP]
Best Bets – Wrong Side of the Sun [On An Unhistoric Night LP]

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