Human Pleasure radio 23rd October 2017….stunning and spectacular.

A radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres.

Boys – Rabbits [single]
Sisters – Scene Here [Wait Don’t Wait LP]
Nurses – Fortress [Naughtland LP]
Last Leaves – Other Rivers [Other Towns Than Ours LP]
Pretty Lightning – This Machine Is Running [Rhythm Of Ooze LP]
Helicon – Seraph [Helicon LP]
Duds – Split On Both Sides [Of A Nature Or Degree LP]
Flat Worms – Goodbye Texas [Flat Worms LP]
BKGD – Tongueless World [Background LP]
Zozo – Nono [single]
Drahla – Silk Spirit [Third Article EP]
Futuro Terror – Insectos [Precipicio LP]
Jenn Vix – Unlocked [Unlocked EP]
Group Rhoda – June [Wilderless LP]
Gel Set – Don’t You Miss Me [Body Copy LP]
Kedr Livanskiy – Love & Cigarettes [Ariadna LP]
Black Needle Noise – Neon Noir With Dr. Strangefryer [Lost In Reflections LP]
Black Nite Crash – I Can Raise The Dead [Nevergreen LP]
Blackcell – Burn The Ashes [Phase 6 Vol. 2 single]
Embedded Figures – Paradise Lost [Dark Artery LP]
Hüsker Dü – Picture Of You [Savage Young Dü LP]
Proto Idiot – What Is My Purpose? ]Leisure Opportunity LP]
Superchunk – Mad World [Break The Glass single]
Chastity – Flesh [Chains EP]
Die! Die! Die! – My Friend Has A Car He Starts With A Hammer (What Has Been Seen Can’t Be Unseen) [Charm. Offensive. LP]
Lumpy And The Dumpers – Attention [Those Pickled Fuckers LP]
The World – Loser [First World Record LP]
The Smiths – Is It Really So Strange? (Live In Boston) [The Queen Is Dead (2017 Super Deluxe Remaster) LP]

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