Human Pleasure radio 25th September 2023…..all I can process.

A DIY radio show playlist, just scratching the surface of what is deemed “underground music”, various styles at different speeds and genres

Vulture Feather – Be Still [Liminal Fields LP]
Born Days – How To Disappear [My Little Dark LP]
Blue Ocean – Ode [Fertile State LP]
Tony Jay – Just My Charm [Perfect Worlds LP]
Hey Colossus – TV Alone [In Blood LP]
Emma Anderson – Clusters [Pearlies LP]
ONYON – Egg Machine [Last Days On Earth LP]
Porchlight – From Monday [Wives Tales & Hymns Of The Earth LP]
Grrrl Gang – Tower Moment [Spunky! LP
Zahn – Apricot [Adria LP]
Bas Jan – No More Swamp [Back To The Swamp LP]
Black Mekon – One By One [NEAT! LP]
Film School – Don’t You Ever [Field LP]
Get Wrong – It’s So Easy [Get Wrong LP]
Goat – Join The Resistance [Medicine LP]
The Native Cats – Small Town Cop Override [The Way On Is The Way Off LP]
Neon Kittens – People in Glass Houses [People in Glass Houses LP]
Proper. – Middle Management [Part-Timer LP]
some sprouts – flowers (we have grown) [single]
Teeth Of The Sea – Butterfly House [Hive LP]
The Uptights – Jasper [single]
Apostille – Rely on Me [Prisoners Of Love And Hate LP]
Das Koolies – Nuthin Sandwich [DK.01 LP]
The Wytches – Something To Fall Back On [Our Guest Can’t Be Named LP]
Alien Nosejob – Act Different [The Derivative Sounds of… Or… A Dog Always Returns to its Vomit LP]
Lockstep – It Leaves [Arrival LP]
Castlebeat – Nothing [single]
Lol Tolhurst X Budgie X Jacknife Lee X Bobby Gillespie – Ghosted At Home [single]
Connie Lovatt – Gull [Coconut Mirror LP]
Floodlights – Human [Painting Of My Time LP]
Maxine Gillon – Girl 6 [single]
Woods – Little Black Flowers [Perennial LP]
JOHN – A Submersible [A Life Diagrammatic LP]
Sparklehorse – Falling Down [Bird Machine LP]
Swansea Sound – Click It And Pay [Twentieth Century LP]

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